Bai Hotel Cebu

Alfred Reyes, General Manager of the newly opened 600-room BAI HOTEL CEBU has engaged VIC ALCUAZ to personally run his popular SERVICE EXCELLENCE PROGRAM for all of BAI’s front line staff.

The first class was run just before the opening last August 2017 and the second class is scheduled in February 2018.

Mountain Lake Resort Cavinti

Christine Chan, President of the Mountain Lake Resort in Cavinti Laguna has engaged the expertise of VIC ALCUAZ to conduct the resort’s STRATEGIC PLANNING WORKSHOP, DEVELOPMENT OF STANDARDS & PROCEDURES as well as the running of SERVICE EXCELLENCE for all resort staff.

The Strategic Planning Session was conducted in November 2017. The Standards Development was started in December and will be finalized in January 2018 together with the conduction of the Service Excellence Program.

Mountain Lake Resort caters to goups in search for an ideal Team Building venue.

Venus Parkview Hotel logoVenus Parkview Hotel, Baguio CityRolando “Oyan” V. Villanueva, CEO of the Venus Parkview Hotel in Baguio City has apointed Vic Alcuaz Consultant for 2017.

Venus Parkview is a 150 room hotel in Kisad Road, right across Burnharm Park. Considered one of the pioneer hotels in Baguio City, Venus is embarking in a very ambitious human capital development program to prepare for further expansion thru 2020.

Among the human capital interventions Vic Alcuaz has been engaged to deliver are the following:

  • Organizational Structure Re-Design
  • Compensation & Benefits Redesign
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management Design
  • Leadership Training
  • Supervisory Training
  • Train the Trainers
  • Service Excellence Training

Gerry Ligon, Venus Parkview Hotel General Manager will closely work with Vic Alcuaz during the entire process which will start in May thru November 2017.

Planet Grapes logoPlanet Grapes, located in Shangri-La Mall and Shangri-La BGC offers an easygoing and wine-friendly ambiance where the uninitiated (and uninhibited!) can begin their journey to discover the world of wine. Planet Grages has different representations of each wine from around the world, as they source from premium wine producing regions such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, North America, and South America. The restaurant portion of the wine shop encourages the harmonious combination of wine and food with traditional pairings such as cheese and cured meats, as well as local comfort foods such as siomai and kikiam. Planet Grapes is where street food meets wine in Manila, and where the expressive flavors of the wines is sure to charm visitors, regardless of their familiarity with the drink.

Planet Grapes CEO Romy Sia has engaged the services of VIC ALCUAZ to run his much in demand SERVICE EXCELLENCE program for all the front-of-house as well as back-of-house staff. The program will run this July.

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