The Manor at Camp John Hay Re-engages Vic Alcuaz for a Top to Bottom 'Back to Back Basics Program' in 2020

Ramon Cabrera, General Manager of The Manor @ Camp John Hay has re-engaged VIC ALCUAZ to develop and run a BACK TO BASICS TRAINING PROGRAM for all the staff of this first class hotel and convention facility in Baguio City starting the second quarter of 2020 and until October.

The program has been aptly called 'B2B' short for 'Back to Basics' and will consist of the following:

  • B2B Supreme (for top level executives, executive committee members, department heads)
  • B2B Sandwich (for assistant department heads and supervisors)
  • B2B Star (for all front liners)
  • B2B Support (for all support staff)
In 2018, Vic ran a very successful Management Training Program for twelve management trainees. He also ran 20 classes of an upgraded version of Service Excellence called 'BEST IS BETTER' that same year.

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