Vanessa Ledesma Suatengco is Manila Diamond GM!

Manila Diamond's Vannessa SuatengcoVanessa Ledesma Suatengco is a proud Filipina, one of the few who has reached the top most post in a luxury hotel environment.

Since her appointment as General Manager of the swanky Diamond Hotel Manila in 2009,  many good things have been happening in this hotel that opened it's doors to the public in 1993.  Even the long time staff of the hotel feel energized with her kind of "hands-on management"  and dynamic leadership.

Vanessa was Resident Manager of the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel for 7 years before this promotion.  Her experience in Shangri-la, one of the world's favorite hotel chains, has given her a very wide perspective in hotel management.

Vanessa has another unique quality in her - a deep and sincere sense for the good of all her people - that is why they love her at the Diamond. 

Vanessa was the recipient of the HOTELIER OF THE YEAR - MABUHAY GOLD AWARD in 2008, given to her by the Association of Human Resources Managers in the Hospitality Industry (AHRM).

Vic Alcuaz