Golden Prince Hotel Cebu Engages Vic Alcuaz for the Opening of their New Hotel Wing in 2015!

Golden Prince Hotel in Cebu CityGolden Prince President Benedict Que has engaged the consulting services of Vic Alcuaz from January 2014 to January 2015. 

The Golden Prince Hotel is a standard hotel in the heart of the Ayala Business Park in Cebu. It currently has 57 rooms, a coffee shop and function rooms. The hotel has a good reputation for their home-made breads and pastries.

The expansion will add 120 rooms for a total of 187 rooms, more function rooms and a bigger ballroom, an improved coffee shop-restaurant and a culinary & hospitality training institute.

The hotel will undergo a major organisational restructuring to prepare both the current and new hotel staff for the bigger challenges ahead.
Golden Prince also operates the 20-year old 50 rooms Golden Valley Hotel in the old district right beside the University of San Carlos.

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