Myanmar Strategic Holdings Selects Vic Alcuaz Exclusive Headhunter

Myanmar Strategic HoldingsHotel Solutions PartnershipMyanmar Strategic Holdings through Hotel Solutions Partnership (UK) has selected VIC ALCUAZ exclusive headhunter for their growth initiative in 2016 onward.

Enrico Cesseni, CEO has laid-out details of their human capital requirements and the search for the right candidates has began.

With tourism identified as one of the key growth sectors of the economy in Myanmar, the government has focused its resources on driving tourist arrivals and revenue by relaxing visa regulations and implementing an e-visa program.

McKinsey & Company expects the contribution from Tourism Services to grow from US$600 million in 2010 to US$14.1 billion by 2030 employing over 2.3 million people. The World Travel and Tourism Council expects Myanmar to achieve the second strongest rate of tourist arrivals over the next decade out of 184 countries.

In February 2015, Myanmar Strategic Holdings signed an agreement with Ostello Bello to operate a boutique hostel in Bagan called Ostello Bello Bagan ( The property is centrally located in New Bagan and features 27 rooms with 120 beds in both private rooms and dormitories. Ostello Bello Bagan quickly rose through the online travel agency ratings, such as and, to become a Top 3 property.

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