Training Programs

Engaging Executives

An intensive leadership development workshop for decision makers.

This is a 4-day 32-hour program for department heads. It is designed to enhance their leadership knowledge and skills. Participants will be tasked to practice the day’s modules in the work place for the duration of the workshop. The workshop will feature case studies, discussion topics & planning sessions.

Supervise Now

A practical supervisory skills program.

This is a 3-day 24-hour program for assistant department heads and supervisors. It is designed to improve the inter-personal skills of the participants in 5 specific supervisory areas:

  • Improving Staff Attitudes
  • Improving Staff Discipline
  • Improving Staff Inter-personal Skills
  • Improving Staff Team Work


A team building program designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

This is a 2-day 16-hour team building program designed for all staff. Participants should be representative of all departments and all levels. Team++ will use the latest tools applicable to the hospitality industry. The objective of the program is to emphasize the importance of how to get things done efficiently, promptly and excellently, all the time.

Excellent! It's All About Attitude

A service excellence training program for front-liners.

This is a 2-day 16-hour service excellence program. The focus of the program is how to deliver excellent service consistently all the time. The program will feature how the great hotel chains of the world maintain service excellence among their ranks. There will be plenty of video role plays and service excellence exercises.


All these training programs were personally designed by Vic Alcuaz from over 25 years training experience the hospitality and airline industries.

The programs are conducted in a highly participative manner using case studies, video role plays, individual and team exercises and participation in several on-line discussions and forums.

These programs are duly registered and copyrighted under Philippine laws.

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